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Gray Jay Press- Explore the California Trail through Battle Mountain, NV

Bloodshed, Crosses and Graves

Explore the California Trail through Battle Mountain, Nevada

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Table of Contents

California Trail
Battle Mountain
Dispossessed People
Gravelly Ford
Emigrant Pass and Gravelly Ford Tour
Dunphy, Argenta and Stony Point Tour
Valmy, Stone House and Iron Point Tour
Area Towns
Battle Mountain Area in Journals, Diaries and Books


Gray Jay Press- Explore the California Trail through Battle Mountain, NV
Graves at Gravelly Ford

History Traveler Series #4

The California Trail through Battle Mountain was a hotbed of Indian-emigrant altercations and battles. The emigrants’ livestock had worn out and their food supplies were low. Here, they clashed with desperate Western Shoshone who had lost their food supplies and life style.

Historian Charles Greenhaw uses research and emigrant diaries to describe the infamous river crossing, Gravelly Ford and its lonely graves, along with battles and bloodshed near Stony point and Iron Point. He debunking the myth of the famous Maiden's Grave, while describing the actual person buried there.

Maps and route descriptions help historical time travelers to visit these important landmarks along the middle Humboldt River and the overland emigrant trail.

Stand at the Maiden’s Grave and gaze across the Humboldt River at the Gravelly Ford’s lonely graves.

Listen to the wind among cottonwoods at the idyllic Emigrant Pass springs and Primeaux Station.

Climb the steep, sandy hill, site of the deadly fight between the Donner Party’s James F. Reed and John Snyder.

Look over the Humboldt’s willow thickets from Stony Point, scene of so many altercations and massacres.