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Explore Roadside Nature
Yellowstone National Park


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Increase your enjoyment of Yellowstone National Park. Discover fascinating details and facts about this world-famous natural world. Yellowstone contains 370 miles of paved road, so exploring the park requires hours of driving.

Along the roads, enrich your visit with these 40 concise, thoughtful descriptions and explanations of plants, animals, geology and ecology. Each article is tied to a specific spot along park roads. In this family-friendly roadside guide, the author provides in-depth and easy to read backgrounds of the park’s natural history.  It provides answers to questions like:

At Lamar Valley, why do ravens view humans the same as large predators such as grizzlies and wolves?
At Old Faithful, how can rangers make such accurate predictions of Old Faithful eruptions?
At Hayden Valley, how have reintroduced wolves changed the park?
At Fishing Bridge, why are lake trout wiping out native cutthroat trout?

You will enjoy these articles in preparation for a park visit. You will discover interesting details while traveling Yellowstone roads. You will find answers to questions that come up following a drive. Articles are searchable by road location and subject matter. Photos of each subject and the location enhance the descriptions.