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Natural Roadsides; Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park

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40 brief descriptions and explanations of plants, animals and geologic formations seen along park roads. Each subject is associated with a specific spot on these roads.

Increase your enjoyment of these beautiful national parks through a broader understanding of these unique landscapes.

Each article is concise; less than 400 words, but provides in-depth scientific descriptions and explanations. Each subject is seen or associated with a specific pullout, overlook or shuttle stop along park roads. Photos of the subject and location accompany each article.

Readers will discover 40 interesting facts concerning these interesting landscapes. This fun book will prove valuable while preparing  for a park visit, riding on a park shuttle or parked at an overlook.

At Bryce Canyon’s Visitor Center, discover why ponderosa pine trees need wildfires. At Paria View Overlook, learn why hoodoos formed here. At Big Bend Shuttle Stop, encounter the recovery of California condors. All articles link from a table of contents by location and a table of contents by subject matter.