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Ruby Mountains Visitor Guide

Visitor guide to the plants, animals and geology of these Nevada mountains

(Actual book mailed from Gray Jay)

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Table of Contents

Wildflowers and Berries
Off-road Activities
Angel Lake Road
Lamoille Canyon
Ruby Valley
Secluded Canyons
Hiking, Backpacking and Camping Concerns
About the Author

Gray Jay Press- Visitors Guide to the Ruby Mtns- Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn sheep in Lamoille Canyon

The Ruby Mountains are snow-capped jewels. These jagged, heavily glaciated, mountains carry blankets of alpine flowers. Roaring streams drain more than 30 lakes and ponds.

The Ruby Mountains offer seasonal spectacles, including roaring waterfalls in spring, wild flowers in summer, fall colors and deep snows in winter.

Read about the plants, animals and geology of these majestic mountains. Discover places where you can experience the uniqueness of the Rubies. This book describes campgrounds, hiking trails and available activities. Special attention is given to Lamoille Canyon, Angel Lake Road and Ruby Valley.

It is an indispensable companion during any visit to the Ruby Mountains.

The book includes:
Activities and places to visit in the Rubies.
Common plants and animals found in the Rubies.
Numerous area photographs.
History and geology of the Rubies.