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Elko Nature Notes

These columns have previously appeared in the Elko Daily Free Press, Elko, Nevada.
Nature Notes covers local nature- plants and animals, along with Western issues, specifically those affecting Elko County, Nevada.

Beavers Working For Us, 1/4/2013, PDF
Beavers are returning to streams and improving riparian habitat
The Importance of Snow Cover, 1/11/2013, PDF
The subnivean zone beneath the snow protects small mamals
My Successes and Failures Battling House Sparrows, 1/25/2013, PDF
Some feeding techniques have allowed other song birds to get past the house sparrows
Tamarisk Beetles Creating Big Changes, 2/1/2013, PDF
As tamarisk beetles spread along rivers, they are killing tamarisk trees
Cats Killing Birds, 2/8/2013, PDF
Domestic cats cause tremendous ecological damage killing native birds
Preparing for Summer Drought, 2/15/2013, PDF
Ranchers and the BLM are taking steps to prepare for this summer's drought
Finding Good Sage-grouse Habitat, 2/23/2013, PDF
Mapping vital sage-grouse habitat in the Bi-state population
Sage-grouse: Is It Predators or Habitat?, 3/2/2013, PDF
Are predators or habitat loss causing the down turn in sage-grouse numbers?
The Humbodt River Basin, 3/9/2013, PDF
A description of the Humboldt River and its tributaries
Montana's New Wild Horse Facility, 3/16/2013, PDF
Montana is home to the Wild Horse and Burro Program's newest long-term holding facility
Nevada is 82.9% Federally-managed Lands, 3/30/2013, PDF
How Nevada became the most federally-managed landscape
Get Outside and Volunteer, 4/6/2013, PDF
Outdoor volunteer opportunities abound
Local Bird Profiles: Red-wing Blackbirds, 4/13/2013, PDF
Red-wing blackbirds display their red epaulettes
Nevada’s wild extremes in precipitation, 4/20/2013, PDF
Ten-inches of precipitation defines a desert
A different kind of wild horse sanctuary, 4/27/2013, PDF
Two wild horse sanctuaries operated totally different
More elk means smiling hunters, 5/4/2013, PDF
Nevada's elk herds and elk hunts are expanding
Sharp-tailed grouse return to Elko County, 5/11/2013, PDF
Sharp-tailed grouse are transplanted into Elko County
Local Bird Profiles: Turkey Vulture, 5/25/2013, PDF
It is not easy to like a turkey vulture
River tragedy waiting to happen, 6/2/2013, PDF
A headcut on the Humboldt River threatens to travel upstream
Local Bird Profiles: Our aquatic songbird
, 6/2/2013, PDF
The american Dipper loves fast mountain streams
Preparing for this summer’s wildfires, 6/15/2013, PDF
The Bureau of Land Management prepares for summer wildfires
What, exactly, is a Horse?, 6/22/2013, PDF
As a horse slaughterhouse prepares to open, Americans face different views of the horse
Odd Recommendations on Wild Horses, 6/29/2013, PDF
The National Science Academy’s National Research Council's report on wild horses
Local Bird Profiles: a Small but Aggressive Falcon, 7/6/2013, PDF
The kestrel is often seen on power lines around Elko
Grass as High as a Horse’s Belly, 7/13/2013, PDF
Basin wildrye is a common Nevada native grass
A Thistle that Stands Out, 8/3/2013, PDF
Scotch thistle can be six-feet tall
The horse processing plant that almost opened, 8/10/2013, PDF
Valley Meat Company of Roswell, New Mexico almost opened
Yellowstone as a mixing bowl, 8/17/2013, PDF
Bears, wolves, elk, park managers and scientists constantly change Yellowstone ingredients
Elk Economics, 8/31/2013, PDF
Elk and elk hunters are valuable to the Elko County economy
Migrating Conifers, 9/21/2013, PDF
Conifers migrated back into the Ruby Mountains after the last ice age
Elko County’s Wolverines, 10/5/2013, PDF
Elko County lost their wolverines in the late 1800s, but the species is coming back
Feathered world domination?, 10/12/2013, PDF
The Eurasian collared dove is spreading across North America
Keeping Tabs on Bighorn Sheep, 10/26/2013, PDF
Bighorn sheep have been re-introduced into the Eastern Humboldts
A SANE approach to sage-grouse, 11/2/2013, PDF
The SANE group of land owners is working on sage-grouse projects
2012 wolf management, by the numbers, 11/9/2013, PDF
The wolf population for the Northern Rockies has fallen from the 2011 population
Hunting Himalayan Snowcock, 11/23/2013, PDF
Hunting Himalayan Snowcock is not an easy task
A Very Nasty Annual Grass, Medusahead, 11/30/2013, PDF
Medusahead is an introduced annual grass that is hard to control
Ravens, People and Other Predators, 12/14/2013, PDF
Ravens, people and other predators have a long history
State takeover of federal lands, 12/28/2013, PDF
Nevada Land Management Task Force is hoping to convert public lands into state lands

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