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Gray Jay Press- Sagebrush Heart cover

Sagebrush Heart; Sagebrush Landscape of Elko County, Nevada

Sagebrush ecosystem and the Great Basin plants animals and issues


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Table of Contents

Elko County
This Land in Earlier Times
Its Sagebrush Heart
What is Wrong with Great Basin Streams?
The Newe Living on this Land
Sage-grouse and Sagebrush
Pronghorn Antelope; Sagebrush Sentinels
Controversial Wild Horses
The Buildup to Today’s Catastrophic Wildfires
Battling Wildfires
Healthy Streams
What Is Working in Elko County
Thoughts on the Future
About the Author


Gray Jay Press- Sagebrush Heart- burned ground

Burned sagebrush

Elko County’s distinctive landscape is little understood and often ignored. It is huge, covering ten million acres or 17,181 square miles. Its sagebrush habitat nurtures Sage-grouse, pronghorn antelope, jackrabbits, wild horses, and cattle.

Huge wildfires have ravaged Elko County and cheatgrass now dominates thousands of acres.  Sage-grouse are declining and wild horses are multiplying. Public lands, especially riparian areas, suffer from past improper grazing.

Sagebrush Heart talks about who owns all this land, who works here and who cares about it. This book describes land managers who are optimistic about the future of these lands. People display a spirit of accomplishment as solutions are tested and proven.

These plants, animals, and issues are not unique to Elko County, but shared with most of Nevada and much of the Great Basin. Sagebrush Heart offers a better understanding and better appreciation of this unique Nevada landscape.